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Course Description

WYSIWYG Web Builder is a great program, enabling designers who don't code to create websites. Designing a portfolio website with WYSIWYG Web Builder is a course which has been pre-recorded to help you use most of the tools (both basic and advanced) available in WYSIWYG Web Builder to achieve designing a more complex website.

You will learn how to incorporate Master Pages and sub Master Pages to help your workflow. I will also demonstrate to you how to use backgrounds and add content to individual pages as well as work with login tools and CMS tools.

What are the requirements?

- A little bit knowledge about using WYSIWYG Web Builder
- A Localhost Server (WAMP for Windows)
- A Code Editor (Brackets)
- WYSIWYG Web Builder version 11

What am I going to get from this course?

- Over 80 lectures and about 5 hours of content!
- Create any website layout you can imagine
- Introduce login tools in your website
- Work with CMS (Content Management Tools ) in your website
- Support any device size with Responsive (mobile-friendly) Design
- Use common vocabulary from the design industry
- Introduce CSS3 animation into your project

What is the target audience?

- Anyone who wants to build websites the "professional" way
- Anyone who has practiced web design as a hobby but is not confident about their skill set in a professional arena
- For Teams or Freelancers who wants to build an online presence
- Anyone who wants to save time and accomplish more in web designing
- Anyone who likes to learn through practical application and not all theory
Designing a Portfolio Website with WYSIWYG Web Builder
Level up your web design skills, by learning how to create a responsive portfolio website with WYSIWYG Web Builder. This course will help you use most of the available tools in WYSIWYG Web builder to accomplish designing  more complicated websites.

Instructed by Ishmeal Lamptey


5 Hours and 40 Minutes

All Levels


Lifetime access
Responsive website which makes it accessible on any mobile device anywhere in the world.




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Welcome to the best and biggest collection of professional wysiwyg website templates.
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