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How Many Web Pages Can I Make?
You can make an UNLIMITED number of web pages and/or websites. WYSIWYG Web Builder is software that generates website files. It is NOT a monthly program nor is it an online platform dependent on some kind of subscription service. It's software you store and run on your PC,  so you are not limited to what you can produce.

Do You Provide Support?
Yes! Our phone support is available Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm GMT at (233) 547-658 523. Email support is available 7 days a week and our Members Area contains a Support Desk and dozens of video tutorials for quick access to questions you may have.

Does WYSIWYG Web Builder Work with HTML5?
Yes. You have the option of generating pages in HTML5, HTML4 or XHTML formats.   You can also generate PHP files for creating dynamic content, forms, database connections, etc.

Does the Software Run on my Computer or is it Server-Based?
WYSIWYG Web Builder installs and runs on YOUR computer. It is NOT an online web builder - it is NOT server based. It works like any software application that creates documents. You create files on your computer, then upload (publish) them to the Internet when you are ready to.

Do I Have to Create my Site with Your Templates?
Absolutely NOT. The WYSIWYG Web Builder is the easiest way to build a website from scratch using your own imagination...but we include dozens of templates to help you get started if you want to. They are optional.

Does WYSIWYG Web Builder Create Search Engine Friendly Sites?
Yes. WYSIWYG Web Builder generates conventional html/html5/css/php files and creates websites with a finished code that any web design program would create. Search Engines see no difference in a web site created with WYSIWYG Web Builder or any other conventional editor. Your SEO rankings will depend on how well you market your site, use appropriate keywords and create good content. There are also several SEO settings such as title tags, alt tags, noindex/nofollow, index/follow, etc. available that are easy to use.

Can I Edit and/or Create META Tags?
Yes. WYSIWYG Web Builder provides you with a VERY easy way to type in your keywords, author name, description and any other META tags by simply typing them into the properties window.  You can also easily add title tags, alt tags and edit your index/follow settings.

I Don't Have a Hosting Company. Where Should I Go?
We don't offer hosting but as providing you with best of services, here are some hosting companies you can purchase a domain from
- one.com

Can I Build an E-commerce Site Using this Software?
Yes. You can sell things from your website. There are PayPal tools that are easy to use. But you can incorporate any 3rd party payment system you want.

What If There Isn't a Video Tutorial Available For Me? Can I Request One?
Yes. We love receiving video requests. If we don't offer a video that would serve your needs, please request one. Just submit a help desk ticket and let us know what you would like to see covered in a video tutorial
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